Kamakhya Temple, Guwahati

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Kamakhya Temple, Guwahati

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Kamakhya Temple is located on Nilachal Hills in western part of Guwahati on adjoining banks of Brahmaputra river. Apart from this, there are also the temples of 10 Mahavidyas in and around temple. These include Bhuvaneshvari, Bagalamukhi, Chinnamasta,Tripura Sundari, Tara, Kali, Bhairavi, Dhumavati, Matangi and Kamala Temples.
It is one among the 52 Shakti Peeths of India. There is no image of Shakti here. Within a corner of the cave in the temple, there is sculptured image of the yoni of the goddess, which is the object of reverence. A natural spring keeps the stone moist. It is an important pilgrimage destination for all sects of Hindus and especially for Tantric worshipers.

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