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Matanga Hill-A Trekking Paradise

#Hill in Hampi

The Matanga Hill is the most elevated point in Hampi. The top of the hill offers a breathtaking aerial view of the Hampi city. Located at just 1 kilometre from Hampi Bus stand, the northern face overlooks the Tungabhadra River. This hill is a definite trekker’s paradise, with no defined road or directions to the top.

The Matanga Hill is said to have been important in Ramayana. The prince of Kishkinda, Vali was cursed by sage Mathanga, not being able to set foon on the hill. Today it is a photographer’s paradise, where you can see people armed with DSLRs, trying to capture the landscape in their lenses. On the top of hill stands the Veerbhadra Temple. The Achyuta Raya temple and the Kodanda Temple are some of the other major attractions around the hill. The sunsets look absolutely magnificent from up there. It is advisable to carry a torch if one is planning to stay after sunset. Visiting here is a no-brainer.

How is the weather at Matanga Hill

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