Why travel Karjat?

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Karjat is just a stone’s throw away from Mumbai located at a distance of 68km.This one and a half hour ride to Karjat via Mumbai will take you to a mesmerizing place filled with lush green forests, waterfalls, gushing rivers and ancient rock cut temples. This mini hill station is a popular destination for rock climbing, hiking and trekking spot near Mumbai.

If you are ready to take challenges then brace yourself to participate in various adventure activities which includes white water rafting on the Ulhas river and rappelling on the Bhivpuri waterfalls. The rock cut Kondana caves and Kothaligard (Peth fort) are famous for its trekking trails which makes this trip even more exhilarating as one can get in touch with our glorious past as well as indulge in an adventurous activity.

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