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Pillar Rocks

#Hill in Kodaikanal

An exquisite picnic spot with a beautiful garden is the majestic Pillar Rocks standing in grandeur at the edge of the hanging cliff. Tourists get to see granite boulders standing shoulder to shoulder, a stunning sight. It is a popular cliffside destination, attracting nature admirers and fun lovers. A treat for the eyes is a view of the Gupta Caves nearby.

They are made of three massive granite rocks which offer a spectacular bird’s eye view of the alluring vistas around. The space between the two boulders is known as the Devil’s Kitchen – an enigmatic chamber giving a creepy ambience. You can find many nooks and corners which are a mystery delighting all adventurers. You will also come across a well tended to garden, giving out a vibrant glow in this eerie landscape. Be engulfed in this dark and tranquil destination.

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