Boating in Chambal River

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Boating in Chambal River-Closely breathing the freshness of the cleanest Indian River.

The Ghats of Chambal River secludes the noisy atmosphere of the city. Away from the central city you can witness bird species and beauty of the rocky terrain running parallel to the river. The boating timings are from 10:30 am to 6:00 pm. Normal boating charges are Rs.50 per person.
Boat safaris are also available in Chambal River for thrilling adventures covering the National Chambal Ghariyal sanctuary housing crocodiles, ghariyals and turtles and ancient ruins of medieval temples and other remains of some archeological sites the guide can brief you about engulfing the river. Trekking on the rocky terrain adjoining the river is a marvelous experience to be indulged in.

Special in Boating in Chambal River: The trip can help a nature enthusiast witness the enriching beauty of the valley’s flora and fauna.

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