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BOATING IN KISHORE SAGAR-A soothing desert activity.

Apart from the landscaped view, the lake is an adventure spot as well. Kishore Sagar offers several boat rides like paddle boats where the boat is to be paddled be the riders themselves, at most two people can travel in the paddle boat at once; country boats outside view, where the boatman rides the boat at the exteriors of the lake guiding your tour through the picturesque view of the city in waters; speed boats that grab the interest of most of the tourists quite enough to rate this lake the best place to be visited in Kota.
The artificial lake was built by king Dher of Bundi. Amidst the breathtaking surroundings you can choose your boat ride based on your interest but do not miss the chance of boating in the tranquil lake. You would be amazed to note how a lake can offer you such thriller boating experiences. The majestic view of the sandy surroundings leaves you mesmerized in the golden environment. Boating is an activity that does not involves challenging adventure and is suitable for every age group to enjoy. Food and washroom facilities are available.

Special in BOATING IN KISHORE SAGAR: Watching sunsets in the middle of the lake.

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