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Chambal River-The cleanest perennial river in modern day India.

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Rising from the Janapao hills of the Vindhya range this tributary of Yamuna runs 885kms before fading into the Arabian sea. Formerly draining Uttar Pradesh, Chambal also marks the boundary between Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. The river has a series of beautiful gorges and several tributaries like Banas, Mej, Parbati, Kali, Sindh, and Shipra. 4 river valley project dams are established over this beautiful river and a 6 lane cabled bridge is recently inaugurated over the river in Kota. Its banks are rich in natural heritage sites like the National Chambal sanctuary.
The place is popular for eco-tourism; bird and crocodile watching. On its banks, the great Indian Bustard can be seen and your tour can turn into an adventure through a trekking experience on the Chambal ghatis. Pre-historic caves, Buddhists sites of Hadoti, and birding tours make your expedition even more remarkable.The river has a prehistoric religious background in the epic of Mahabharat by the name of Chamravati. Keshoraipattan is a pilgrimage spot dedicated to Lord Vishnu situated on the banks of the river near Kota region.

Special in Chambal River: Try water sports and leisure walking.

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