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GARADIA MAHADEV TEMPLE-Offering a divine gesture.

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Located on the cliffs amidst which lies a gorge through the great tributary of Yamuna makes its way is the Mahadev temple. Adjoining the Chambal Ghati, the cliffs are ideal to watch the crocodiles and gharials resting in the clean waters of Chambal. The holy shrine of Lord Shiva sprouts devotion in every heart and offers a divine gesture through its scenic beauty.
They rejuvenating gusts of winds blowing drains all the earthly pain and lights up the soul. The place is easy to reach through private vehicles or hired taxis from Kota through NH76. Local priests perform rituals from early morning till 5:30 pm and Prasad can be purchased from near the parking area. It’s good to know beforehand that pets and footwear and pets are not allowed in the temple premises. The Mahadev temple is a lovable natural landscape and a place of fulfillment of wishes by Shiva the great!

Special in GARADIA MAHADEV TEMPLE: Engage in an interaction with the locals and get to hear some amazing folklores.

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