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JAGMANDIR PALACE-The red sandstone palace built by the queens of Kota.

#Monument in Kota

No other landscape can match the magical mist of viewing the palace lavishly adorned in Rajasthani architectural style proudly gaping back at you from between the waters of Kishore Sagar lake.The red sandstone palace built by the queens of Kota in 1740 is one of its kinds. The scene creates a euphoric moment at night jingling in the bright palace lights and reflecting thousands of colors on the lake water.
The entrance is marked by the giant statues of elephants on either side of the jetty, and the interior is made of different Mahals with vivid features and antiquities. Each Mahal has its own aura but the most eye catching one is the Gul Mahal made in Islamic style also housing a mosque. The place exhibits the lifestyle of the Royals of Rajasthan who used it as a pleasure Palace with the exhibition of several ancient items. There are gardens outside the Mahals and also an ancient fountain. Places of interest near Jagmandir palace are Kesharbagh and Royal cenotaphs.

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