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KISHORE SAGAR LAKE-A golden opportunity to quench the soul’s thirst.

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Kishore Sagar Lake is an artificial lake built in 1346 by the prince of Bundi. He formerly named the lake’Ouude’. The lake has been a major source of attraction since ages; it not only houses the Jagmandir palace but is itself a legendary beauty. This place is easy to visit being situated at the centre of the city. There are many hotels near the lake to ease your stay.
The night view of the lake and the palace casting a mind blowing reflection on the still water is a jaw dropping landscape that the visitors are blessed with, coupled with the musical fountains that make the experience unforgettable. The lake also offers a view of other Palaces situated on its banks that are equally beautiful to be mesmerized. The jiggling lights of the city falling on the still dark waters of the enormous lake casts a mystic yet peaceful picture that an artist cannot resist to take down on his canvas.

Special in KISHORE SAGAR LAKE: Do not miss trying water sports at Kishore Sagar.

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