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Kurnool Fort

The heart of Kurnool is the Kurnool Fort and is one of the landmarks of the town. It was built by Achyuta Devarayalu, belonging to Vijayanagar Empire. Konda Reddy Buruju is a part of Kurnool Fort and is the only part left out of the magnificent fort. The projection is in the shape of a huge pillar and has two storeys. The storey is an underground passage about 25 Km long which leads you to Alampur, a town in Mahbubnagar District.

When you reach the highest point of the monument, you get the panoramic view of the city. One of the ruined portions of the Kurnool Fort is Erra Buruju built with red sand stone. This Buruju was built by the Vijayanagar rulers. Walls of the Erra Buruju have some of the splendour symbols that have historical importance. Slight images of Sri Rama, Lakshmana and Goddess Dita can be seen. Image of elephant and a lion locked in a fight can also be visualized.

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