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Srisailam Dam

#Dam in Kurnool

In Andhra Pradesh one of the most important dams is The Srisailam Dam. It has the potential to generate hydroelectric power; this is the reason why the dam ensures a very important place in the history of the state. It is constructed across the famous Krishna River. The dam is very large as it has around 12 radial crest gates. It is 300m above sea level and is standing 476 ft tall.
There is a forest nearby called Nallamalla which is an excellent tourist spot as it contains few rare Tigers species of the country. Around the dam is beautiful greenery, the sound of water gushing through and it makes a rhythmic sound which makes a paradise for all nature lovers. Once the gates are open the water flow with a force as if the Nature Goddess has unleashed her full potential. Tourists from the urban area get involved in the beauty of the water and scenic ambiance as it is not found in urban areas. The temperature in this area is very pleasant throughout the year. So go and enjoy this beautiful place!

How is the weather at Srisailam Dam

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