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Shukrawari Lake-Wholesome Experience

#Lake in Nagpur

Shukravari Talao (lake) was once known as the Jumma Talab, is also referred to as Gandhi sagar Lake in the present times. With boating facilities, A Ganesh temple, huge stone walls around, tall lustrous trees makes for a wholesome experience. The Lake which is said to be subsisting for more than 275 years was established as a source of water supply by Chand Sultan. He created the water body in the form of streams being diverted to the Nag River, which was connected to the water reservoir and named it as ‘Jumma Talab’.

During the Bhonsla and British periods when the first Raghuji declared Nagpur as the capital of his domain in 1742 then subsequently it came to be known as ‘Shukrawari Talao’. The picturesque rectangular shaped Gandhi Sagar reservoir is now enclosed with stonewalls and iron railings. In the middle of the lake one can also found a small island with an attractive Shiva temple and a garden. The lake looks more attractive in the night by the illumination of the yellow mercury light. The lake also offers boating facility to the visitors.

How is the weather at Shukrawari Lake

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