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#Ruins in Rameswaram

Located at the tip of Rameshwaram is the abandoned town of Dhanushkodi, once an important and renowned trading hub. It was once a pitstop for most people travelling to Rameshwaram and to the devotees of the Ramanathaswamy Temple. The crumbled walls of the city now stands as a remainder of the 1964 cyclone.

Legend has it that Lord Rama on his way back to Rameshwaram after rescuing Sita was advised by Vibhishana to destroy the bridge. Rama broke the bridge with only one end of his bow hence the name Dhanushkodi. However the entire town stands in ruins today with no means of civilisation. The town is gaining popularity as a tourist attraction with its pristine beaches, rumbled structures and tales of spooky events. The deserted beach is perfect for long peaceful walks with the Gulf of Munnar Marine National part to entertain you.

How is the weather at Dhanushkodi

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