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Pamban Bridge

#Sight Seeing in Rameswaram

The second longest sea bridge in India, the Pamban Bridge was the only transportation link to the mainland in the earlier times. It is a major tourist attraction, leaving tourists open mouthed when the two leaves of the bridge open up to let ships pass through. The ravelling bridge is a combo of road and rail bridges- a massive architectural marvel.

The bridge is constructed across the Pamban River and hence called as the Pamban Bridge. Local people fondly refer to it as the Pamban Palam. It stands erect and in grandeur after withstanding various storms and highly damaging cyclones. A spectacular view of the Rameshwaram Island from the bridge is promised to the tourists. On the other side you can see the vast expanse of blue waters coinciding with the blue and white hues of the sky.

How is the weather at Pamban Bridge

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