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Dachigam National Park

Dachigam National Park is an untamed life and condition protection territory. It covers a range of 141 sq km, which has been partitioned into Lower Dachigam and Upper Dachigam. Meaning ’10 towns’, the name of this national stop indications towards the ten villas that together framed Dachigam National Park. This national stop has a rich greenery that incorporates around 500 herb species, 50 sorts of trees and 20 assortments of bush.

This place acquires across the board acknowledgment for being the natural surroundings of the last surviving populace of Hangul (Kashmir Stag). Himalayan Black Bear can be seen here amid springs and harvest times while summers are perfect to spot Long-followed Marmots. Panther, Jackal, Red Fox and Common Palm Civet are other creature species that are found in this national stop. It additionally pulls in ornithologists and birdwatchers as around 145 fowl species can be spotted here. Its picturesque scene draws in nature darlings who can catch vistas of rich knolls, blanketed fields and regular rugs of blue poppy blooms.

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