Why travel Srinagar?

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Lying on the banks of River Jhelum with profound and hypnotizing valleys fell in sky scratching mountains and evergreen excellence, Srinagar mixes together the tints of nature, magnificence, amicability and romance. Profound and entrancing valleys fell in sky-scratching mountains and evergreen excellence, this paradise on Earth abandons you completely hypnotized.

The Dal lake is among the most delightful and most prominent lakes in India and a Shikara ride there would be a life-changing background. Srinagar is additionally an imperative religious goal with the Hazratbal Mosque which cherishes ‘Moi-e-Muqaddas’ (the holy hair) of the prophet Mohammed. Surrounded by mountains for the audacious part to lakes for photoholics to shopping markets for the prodigals, Srinagar does not frustrate anybody.

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Nearest airport in Srinagar is Sheikh ul Alam Airport