Palaruvi Waterfall

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Palaruvi Waterfall-A Stream of Milk

#Waterfall in Thenmala

Thenmala proudly presents to tourists the intense and vivacious Palaruvi Waterfalls. The name, translated means ‘A Stream of Milk’ ideally strikes a chord with the visual beauty. The journey to the falls is a very gripping experience for all avid travellers. This spectacular destination is considered as one of the highest waterfalls of India.

The misty blue hills and lush green valleys are a spell binding backdrop, enhancing the grandeur of the walls. The water surrounded by natural herb groves has healing properties; it is believed that the herbal bath in the medicinal waters will get rid of all illnesses. The white burst of foam with the resounding roar of the gushing water falling on the rocky terrain makes the falls an irresistible beauty. It is a favoured picnic spot, ideal for swimming and splashing with your friends and family.

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