Folk Show at Bagore ki Haveli

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Folk Show at Bagore ki Haveli-Evening Excursion in Udaipur

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Dharohar Dance show at Bagore-ki- haveli is the best evening excursion that you will see in Udaipur. The cultural event features magic shows, puppet dance, folk dance, tribal dance, and more reflecting the beautiful Indian culture and tradition.

The Dharohar Dance show starts exactly at 7 pm every day on the terrace named Neem Chowk. It is an amazing fusion of light, dance, music and singing. The different form of arts includes The Chari Dance, where the dancers dance with ignited brass pots on their heads. The Tehra Taal Dance, where dancers play 13 different manjiras. The Gorbandh dance, where dancers wear ornaments and dance in complete abandon. The Ghumar dance and The Bhavai dance are some other forms. A nominal charge of Rs 60 is charged. The folk artist performance is amazing and truly a glimpse of the rich local culture which one should not miss.

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