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Hi I just want to share my trip details to Araku Valley(Near Vishakhapatnam ) one of the best place to visit in South India. 

Araku valley, an amazing hill station, one of unfathomable valley in India lures the tourists with its breathtaking landscapes and pleasant weather. Lush green forest, musical notes of waterfalls makes the journey more lively, located 115 km from Vizag, Andra Pradesh and close to Orissa border


I can say trip to Vishakhapatnam is deemed incomplete without a visit to the Araku valley and the Borra caves. My hometown is near to Vizag but it took so many years to plan for this beautiful valley.

People who came from far no need to worry about how to reach this place.

Araku valley is connected by rail from Vishakhapatnam. The route from Visakhapatnam goes via Araku valley reaching the maximum height at Similiguda station and continues further into Orissa finally ending at Kirandul in Chattisgarh.


The best mode of transport to reach Araku is undoubtedly train as the route passes though series of tunnels and bridges.If you get a seat at window side then you  can enjoy the beauty of nature surely.

I visited this place with my brothers. so we booked the train in advance because there is only one passenger from Visakhapatnam railway station which starts everyday morning 6:30 AM ( approx time). In this journey train will pass through many tunnels (50+ tunnels and bridges). 

We had a nice time in rail journey as its been a weekend mostly we can see teenagers in our compartment had a nice time. After some time we got down at Borra caves.

Once u come out from railway station you can see many private vehicles( Cars and Jeeps), we rental one jeep to visit Borra caves and Araku as well. 


We took the jeep and visited Borra caves.The entrance of the cave was very big with 100 meter width and about 75 meter in height.The total length of the cave is 200 meters where we need to walk for about 350 meters to reach the dead end of the cave. Steps are constructed and lighting arrangements helps people to see interior of the cave better.  It was an amazing experience for us to see such a huge cave. The cave is the best place in Araku.

After we done with Borra Caves we went to  Katiki falls. It needs to travel by Jeep and we have to trek for few kilometers. I am surely you will definitely enjoy this way to go by walk with your friends or family members. 

Then we reached Araku valley on same Jeep.Many movies will get shoot in this valley, driver showed us few spots where few movies got shooted .He helped to get accommodation as well. It was raining very heavily the time we reached so we checked in to hotel and took some rest. Night we had dinner and slept for the day. It was rained and climate is so cool. 

Next day morning again we started our trip by 8:00 AM first we visited Dumriguda Chaparai which is 15km far from Araku town .Not strictly a waterfall but water cascades down a huge rock. One can slide down the rock and enjoy the water.

After this we visited Padmapuram gardens and Tribal museum. We headed toward Visakhapatnam by road way in between we had been to Galikonda view point you where we can see entire valley with full greenish trees.


Few kilometers road side will be coffee plantation we spent some time as well had coffee and headed towards Tatipudi Water reservoir. we had a nice boat ride and one end we have a well maintained park with one view point of the reservoir as well. 


The drive on the Ghat road from Araku valley is entirely lined with thick forest on either side.

Then we headed towards and reached Visakhapatnam city at evening 4 :00 PM.

If you are planning to visit Visakhapatnam with your family or friends please make sure to cover this place as its a really must visited place with our be sties.

You can try APTDC accommodation or private hotels as well. Bamboo chicken dish is famous in this valley

Please plan this trip as prior to start Visakhapatnam as you need to book tickets for train as there is only one passenger train its difficult to get seats again.

Best time to visit this place is Oct to Jan

Soon Andhra Pradesh Tourism Department is planning to get transparent compartments( Glass compartments ) for the passenger train so that travelers can enjoy the most nature iconic view across their journey. Hope this dreams comes soon.

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