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Dubai is a name that requires no introduction. The city of luxury entices tourist from all over the world to come and soak in its grandeur and opulence. The city is filled with spellbinding attractions and offer the best time to tourists across all age groups. While there can be several attractions to make a list of, there are a few sights that are synonymous and iconic to the tourism of Dubai. These sights are the reasons millions of people apply for Dubai visa online every year and visit the emirate.

Here are the seven most iconic and wonderful attractions of Dubai you must see.

1.   Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa

Featured for its extravagance in some of the famous movies such as Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and Independence Day Resurgence, this mega tall skyscraper, the tallest in the world, needs no introduction. Making records after records, the manmade marvel of Burj Khalifa has over 17 records to its name. Containing the highest mosque on the 158th floor and highest swimming pool on 76th floor, Burj Khalifa also has the world’s highest viewing deck on the 124th floor. This hotel during new year is known the world over for the magnificent display of fireworks. This beautiful skyscraper has Armani Hotel, 900 fine residences, and office suites and is a little more than three times taller than the Eiffel tower of Paris.

2.   Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall

Known as one of the biggest shopping malls in the world, Dubai mall is spread across 5.9 million square feet and has over 1200 retail outlets, departmental stores along with 160+ food outlets. The entertainment zone coupled with the retail stores attracts more than 7,50,000 visitors every week. This gigantic mall boasts of the Dubai Aquarium- the world’s largest suspended aquarium with over 10 million liters of water and featuring over 33000 marine species. It has the world’s largest viewing panel. This mall also houses a 250-room luxury hotel for guests to stay.

3.   Dubai Fountain

Dubai Fountain

Known as the largest dancing theme fountain in the world, the Dubai fountain is illuminated by 6,600 light and 25 color projectors to create over 1000 amazing abstractions. The beam of light of the fountain is visible from space making it the brightest spot in the Middle East. Shooting water jets at an amazing height of 152 meters into the air (approx. height of a 50 storey building), this 275-meter-long water fountain can spray 83,000 liters of water in sync with some beautiful world music.

4.   Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden

The beautiful heaven of flowers was launched on Valentine’s Day in 2013. Spread over 72,000 square kilometers, it is the world’s largest natural flower garden with over 109 million flowers planted. This enthralling garden boasts of a Floral Clock and a separate section of a beautiful butterfly garden with over 15,000 butterflies across various species. The Miracle garden also has retail stores and mosques for prayers in it. Take your family and loved ones to this beautiful place and start a fairytale of your own. The miracle garden is kept closed from May to September due to the high temperatures.

5.   Dubai Parks and Resorts

Dubai Parks and Resorts

This is the latest attraction of Dubai but in no time has become synonymous with its tourism. Spread over 25 million square feet, Dubai Parks and Resorts consist of 3 theme parks and a water park. This fun center boasts of more than 100 rides and attractions. The Bollywood theme park in Dubai Parks and Resorts have 5 movie themed zones. Based on some of the most successful films of Bollywood, you can shake a leg or two to the music. Legoland theme park and Legoland waterpark in Dubai Parks is just the place for your family and kids to be. Visit this mesmerizing theme park and capture the moments in pics and make your trip memorable.

6.   Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab

No matter whether you can afford to book a stay at this amazing hotel, the mere glimpse of Burj Al Arab is a sight to behold. Iconic to the development of Dubai, Burj Al Arab is the world’s most luxurious hotel and the only 7- star ranking hotel in the world. it is built on a man-made island near the Arabian sea shoreline of Jumeirah beach and its beautiful sail-shaped design mesmerizes every onlooker. It consists of 28 double-story floors comprising of 202-bed room suites with even its smallest suite occupying an area of 169 sq.mtrs. It also boasts of a helipad at 280mtrs above the ground and offers luxury beyond imagination.

7.   Desert Safari

Desert Safari Dubai

They say no trip to Dubai is complete without experiencing the Desert Safari. Take a desert safari tour and watch the beautiful sunset. Enjoy activities such as sand boarding, camel riding, souvenir shopping, and henna painting on your hands and feet. A perfect place to click some amazing photographs, make some photo stops in the desert and capture memories. Enjoy dune bashing, a sumptuous barbecue dinner at the camping site. You can also get a chance to enjoy a camp night under the glittery blanket of stars too.

      The more you explore Dubai, the more you fall in love with it and that is exactly why Dubai is known as the biggest entertainment hub of the world. Go to Dubai and fall in love with its wonderful attractions, its impeccable hospitality, the diverse cuisine, and everything that makes for a perfect trip.

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