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If as a child you ever dreamt of flying like a bird, here’s your chance to do it.  Skydiving is a have it all experience that defies words.  It is for those who have discipline, focus and the nerve to conquer fear.  It is the closest you can get to nirvana, as in the realm of clueless consciousness, yet alert.  You need to be reasonably physically fit and need to get a medical certificate of fitness form a general medical practitioner.

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All three kinds of jumps can be experienced in India, Tandem Jump(connected with the instructor), Static Jump(alone with parachute) and Accelerated Free-Fall.

India has few sky diving bases for the travellers who love that high adrenaline rush during the that tandem jump.


Ends the wait for the adventure junkies to travel far to end the craving of skydiving.  Dhana has the prestige to be the first Sky diving base in India.  The beautiful quaint town, located near Sagar, Madhya Pradesh state of India is a fascinating skydiving destination in India owing to its picturesque beauty and infrastructure for organizing skydiving camps.

Being at the centre of India, it has easy reachability for the travellers around the country.  Enjoy a freefall from 4000 feet above, gazing the breathtaking landscaped beauty beneath.


Static Jump  —  Rs. 18,000; Tandem Jump  —  Rs. 40,000

How to reach Dhana from New Delhi


Palanpur city is circled by hillocks in the close vicinity of Aravali Mountains.  The most amazing and adventurous thing to do on your visit to Palanpur is Skydiving.  It happens in the near by town named Deesa.

Dessa, the beautiful lakeside town is one of the best destinations for skydiving in India.  Indulge into the thrill of soaring in the blue sky with the winds at Deesa.  The quaint town offers the best skydiving experience ever for all, whether you are a beginner or a hard-core adventure freak.  This makes Gujarat, the first state of India to have certified drop-zone in Deesa.


Static Jump — Rs. 16,000; Tandem Jumps  — Rs. 33,500; AFF  —  Rs. 37,500

How to reach Palanpur from New Delhi


Mysore is the home to the centuries-old Devaraja Market, filled with spices, silk and sandalwood adopted from the ancient culture.  From modern India, Mysore has got the most thrilling adventure, Skydiving.  The city has hosted many skydiving camps.  Nestled at the base of the Chamundi Hills, it is one of the best places to have the ultimate skydiving experience in India.  The skydiving camps provide the option of tandem jumps, static jumps and accelerated free falls prior to professional training for 2–3 days.


Static Jumps  —  Rs. 16,500; Tandem Jump — Rs. 25,500; AFF — Rs. 31,500;

How to reach Mysore from New Delhi

Aamby Valley

Aamby Valley City is a township developed by the Sahara India Pariwar in Pune district in the Indian state of Maharashtra.  It is about 87 km from the city of Pune. Skydiving in Aamby Valley is something you simply cannot miss, if you are a true adventure freak.

Jumping over the beautiful Aamby Valley is recognized as an epic fall.  The 45 minutes adventure is worth appreciating, as you dive into the sky and fall freely gazing at the stunning landscape beneath.


Tandem Jump  —  Rs. 25,000

How to reach Aamby Valley from New Delhi


The most beautiful coastal city of India offers more than sand, sun and surf.  For adventure lovers visiting the town, skydiving camps are organized frequently, offering static line and tandem jumps for the most exhilarating experience.  Free fall from the sky and kiss the beautiful landscape of Pondicherry counts all the worth for your travel.


Static jump — Rs. 18,000; Tandem Jump– Rs. 27,000;

How to reach Pondicherry from New Delhi

PC –

Key Points to prepare yourself for the thrill

  • Fitness: Participants should be able to run 200 meters at a stretch, No heart ailments .
  • Weight: Less than 90kg
  • Medical history: No history of high BP, cardiac problems or serious back injuries.
  • Age: 16yrs for Static and 18 yrs for tandem jump
  • Clothing: Track Suit & Sport Shoes
  • Gear: Worldclass Jump kit (Helmet, Altimeter, Googles) & Packed Parachute
  • Instructors: Know the diving experience of instructor, must have done atleast 500 jumps.
  • Video can be made at an extra cost of around Rs. 4000 per pax.

“At 13,000 feet nothing else matters.

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