Madumalai National Park

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Madumalai National Park-Get lost in the beautiful Madumalai

Madumalai in Tamil means old hills. Situated in the beautiful Nilgiri hills, it is one of the earliest wild sanctuaries of India. It is surrounded by reserves, forests and sanctuaries. The sanctuary is distributed among three southern states, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The sanctuary is home to the largest mammals, elephants. Their population in this sanctuary and the ones surrounding it is very mammoth.

Besides elephants, this sanctuary is known for protecting jeopardized animal and bird species. The premises is an abode to langurs, sloth bears, hyenas, jackals and many such animals which are not easily found everywhere. A wide range of bird species are found in the sanctuary. The flora is not wanting; the abundant and rich flora includes beautiful flowers, herbs, cotton trees, etc. It has gathered all the beauty leaving the visitors gazing in awe. The best time to visit is during December to June, also after showers.

How is the weather at Madumalai National Park

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