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Bungee Jumping-Adrenaline Pumping Experience

#Sports in Bangalore

Bangalore is one of the cities where adventure sports are welcome be it trekking or scuba diving. But the most thrilling sport that they really focus on is the Bungee Jumping which gives adrenaline pumping experience. Ozone group in Bangalore are the first people to introduce Bungee Jumping in Bangalore and also they provide all the services and equipments needed for the bungee jumping adventure sports.

Kanteerava Stadium is a place where Bungee Jumping is held and where all the equipments are attached to 130ft mobile crane while the jumping is done from a height of 80 ft. People about to do the jump have to wear their sports shoe and also not drink alcohol before the jump. The price per person is Rs. 400. Anyone between the age group of 18 and 60 years can enjoy this adrenaline pumping experience. Bungee jumping from cranes is not as safe as jumping from fixed platforms but safety is given utmost preference here thus giving wonderful jumping experience.

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