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All the places to visit and things to do in Chalakudy

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nature (4), 
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Why to travel Chalakudy

Chalakudy is the most happening town in Thrissur District of the Kerala State in India. It is now a prime destination for tourists, especially those who love nature. The best season to visit Chalakudy is December to March and also in monsoon season. Chalakudy is blessed with scenic beauty and refreshing weather, has all the amenities of a suburb and is well connected by National Highway and Railways. Chalakudy serves as a base camp for all those native and foreign tourists who are bound for Vazhachal and Athirappilly waterfalls. Some of the famous tourist places to visit in Chalakudy are Chalakudy River, Athirappilly Falls and Vazhachal Falls etc.

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