Why travel Keylong?

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Keylong is a spiritual town located on the banks of river Bhaga and is full of artistic valleys and snow-capped peaks. It is known to be a center of divinity and inner peace with lush greenery and natural beauty. Streams of Chandra, Bhaga and Chenab, adds the beauty of the town. Keylong is known for Buddhist monasteries which add to the psychic aura to the spectacular allure of the enclosed valley.

It is a stoppage for bikes and adventure seekers. Keylong is mostly known for its Tibetan cuisines, shopping gateways. The markets are known for carpets, shawls, caps, footwear, natural oils, woolen jackets, etc. The Annual Lahaul Festival, which is held in the month of July, is also very famous and is celebrated with joy and fervor.

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