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Brindavan Garden

#Garden in Mysore

Built across the Cauvery river with the Krishnaraja Sagar Dam in hindsight, the Brindavan Gardens are one of the prime tourist attractions in Mysore. The Gardens were built by Sir Mirza Ismail. The topiaries, gazebos and water fountains adorn the landscape of these gardens, adding to the beauty of it.

The Brindavan Gardens are terraced, making each level stand out by itself. The garden hosts a light and sound show after sunset, making the experience surreal. Boat rides on the peaceful and tranquil lake are a favourite among the visitors. A botanical park is also present on the premises. Several species of flora are exhibited here. There are also fruit orchards and horticulture farms adjoining the gardens. The Brindavan Gardens provide for a perfect evening, with the beautiful sunset topping it off. If you are anywhere near the Gardens, it would be a wise choice to visit here.

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