Skydiving at Chamundi Hills

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Skydiving at Chamundi Hills-Feel The Pull of Gravity

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Chamundi hills in Mysore offers one of the most coveted experiences of life, Skydiving. One of the very few sites in India to have a certified skydiving base, the camps offer static jumps, tandem jumps and accelerated freefalls. The conditions at Chamundi Hills are suited for skydiving, with clear airspace, maximum visibility and the availability of an airport.

Skydiving has a very systematic process. The personnel first check if you are medically fit to undertake the jump. If you clear that, a professional training takes place for the individual. Only then is he cleared to perform the jump. The Cessna 172 is the standard plane used for skydiving purposes. Embarking on the jump is altogether another ballgame. Nothing compares to the moment when you surrender yourself to the pull of gravity. You can feel the wind rushing into your face as your heart furiously pumps adrenaline into your body. All sense of fear is overtaken by that of exhilaration. Finally when you touch the ground, you can look back on that as one of the highlights of your life

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