Bahai Lotus Temple

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Bahai Lotus Temple

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The Lotus Temple is one of the prominent tourist attractions in Delhi. It is often featured on tourism advertisements and brochures. It is the last of the Bahai temples, where people from all faiths and religions can come here and worship their gods. It is truly a modern architectural marvel of the 20th century.

The structure of the temple resembles a lotus, due to its significance in many religions. It was designed by Fariborz Sahba, an Iranian architect. The temple promotes the concept of ‘Oneness of God’. There are no idols in this temple. The beautiful manicured lawns outside the body of the temple make up for an aesthetically pleasing sight. The Lotus temple can be viewed in all its splendor at night. This temple caters to about ten thousand worshippers daily. One should definitely not miss the opportunity to visit this temple.

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