Bungee Jumping in Delhi

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Bungee Jumping in Delhi

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Delhi is the focus of adventure activities in Northern India. And Wanderlust Tours and Travels has made Bungee Jumping a highlight since 1999. Often considered a pinnacle in adventure sports by enthusiasts, Bungee Jumping involves jumping off great heights to plunge below under the force of gravity with nothing but a elastic cord attached to your feet.

The entire staff at Wanderlust that conducts Bungee Jumping activities is trained in Germany. People ranging from 18 to 50 years are permitted to perform the jump. The cost pricing is Rs. 1500 per head. After completing the jump, a T-shirt and cap is given with the statement ‘I did it’ sprawled across it. The best part of the activity is that the setup can be taken anywhere, provided that the place is safe and all required conditions are met. The professional team makes sure that there will be no hindrances. Bungee Jumping is truly an exhilarating activity and anyone with a taste for adventure should definitely try it out.

Things/Equipments to carry would be comfortable clothes, comfortable shoes, water, sunglasse, woolen clothes or a jacket, lockable bag for your valuables.

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