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Dzudu Lake

#Lake in Phek

The Dzudu Lake(Zanibu Lake) is one of the most attractive tourist spots in the Phek ,Nagaland. It is found atop Mt. Zanibu, near Thuvopisumi village. Encompassed by foliage, the glistening lake breaks the green monotony of the jungle. It provides water to five villages and is a part of the micro hydraulic project of Thuvopisumi. The surrounding forest of Phalomi is an abode to the tallest Bonson tree in India.

Perhaps the most striking feature of the Dzudu Lake is the enigmatic tale woven around it. It is exalted by the locals as a special gift from the Gods. Treading the lake is strictly prohibited. Another fascinating feature of this “sacred” lake lies in its still sparkling waters. Despite being amidst a multitude of trees, never is the surface of the lake cluttered with leaves; these float for two days and then sink to its depths. Enveloped in such mystical myths and mesmeric beauty, Dzudu Lake is indeed a must-visit spot.

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