Why travel Phek?

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The one offbeat destination in far corner of India. Phek is a small town city in Nagaland, with its hills, lake, orchids and village life, it attracts the traveller to pay a visit to this cheerful town. The natural treat and village culture extend the love for this unexplored paradise of Nagaland, Phek.

Shilloi lake is one of the main attraction in Phek. The flora and fauna in Phek is completely unique and one of its kind. You will found the famous Tragopan Birds in profusion. The enormous number orchids makes this place a delight for nature lovers. Phek waterfall orchid feels add just the right icing to this unexplored travel destination. Phek is bounded with the Chakhesang culture, festivals and customs that are quite different from other Naga tribes, it all makes up for a vibrant travel experience.

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