Ancient Bhartrihari Caves

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Ancient Bhartrihari Caves

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The Bhartrihari caves are located at the banks of Kshipra river in the city of Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh. Named after a famous sage “Bhatrihari” stepbrother of King Vikramaditya, it is believed that he used to reside and meditate here.

Assigned to 11th century, the Bhartrihari caves are fascinating with caves leading to the place where Bhatrihari meditated. These caves are an example of Indian rock cut architecture. You will find stone images carved on the walls of the caves. There is a statue of Rishi Bhatrihari, Mahadev’s tridents and Holy ash called ‘dhuni’. It is belived that the Pipal tree near the caves is a samadhi to Rishi bhatrihari. The caves are a peaceful place to visit with Kshipra river flowing next to it. Throughout the journey of Bhartrihari caves, you will have a sense of travelling to a different era.

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