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All the places to visit and things to do in Bir Billing

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Bir Billing has earned the status of second Highest Paragliding spot in the world that makes it the India's best Paragliding destination. Enjoy the adventure in Himachal with the limitless fun activities and things to do in Bir Billing, with handgliding, cycling, mountain biking, trekking, camping and ofcourse Paragliding in Billing. Bir has a good number of attractions to see and admire, it will showcase the glimpse of Tibetan architecture around the town and culture that is amalgamated with Indian/Himachali inheritance. Chokling Gompa Bir Monastery, Sherab Ling monastery and Deer Institute Park are key places to visit in Bir Billing and also the markets are the highlights of any Tibetan-Indian society. Winter witnesses the snowfall here, be there to enjoy the experience of Himachali snowfall.

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