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Daranghati Sanctuary

Daranghati Sanctuary in Daranghati

Daranghati Sanctuary is located near Rampur Bushahr in Shimla District. The sanctuary lies on the Dhauladhar mountain range in the valley where tributaries meet the Sutlej River, Manglad Gad in the north and Nogli Gad in the south.

Wildlife animals like Asiatic black bear, brown bear, leopard, striped hyena, red fox, bears, flying fox, jungle cat etc.

The best time to visit the sanctuary is during the months of May, June, October and November. The sanctuary is ideal for those who love to trek along mountain heights. December to February witnesses heavy snowfall and it would be ideal time to visit the sanctuary for those who love adventures. However, visitors are advised to seek assistance from the forest staff posted at Dofda and Sarahan.

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Himachal Pradesh, India
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