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Pancha Pandava Rathas

#Cultural Heritage in Mahabalipuram

A complex of monuments located on the coasts of the port side town is the Pancha pandava rathas, which is a fine example of monolithic and ancient Indian architecture. The five monoliths are named after the historical characters of the five pandavas - Arjuna, Bhima, Yudhishthira, Nakula and Sahadeva of the Mahabharata epic.

The site is well known for its exquisite architecture with the five edifices ready to blow your mind away. Built strong period of the Pallavas the site is now a world heritage site, honored by the UNESCO. Each of the five Rathas is solely dedicated to honour the five skilled warriors. It is a dream world of art sculpture and expressions with the chariots chiselled with precision and care. The carved rocks are a dream come true for architects and historians.

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Tamil Nadu, India
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2 hours
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12.6089252°N, 80.1873230°E
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