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Get Tattooed in Old Manali-#NoRegrets

#Art in Manali

In the recent times, Manali is not only known for its scenic mountains or adventure sports but also for its growing appetite for tattooing. The youth and veterans alike are being lured by the calm and scenic ambiance of the surroundings.

Getting inked is a way of symbolizing one’s freedom and outlook on life. It is a way of asserting control over one’s body as well as a medium of expressing one’s emotions. It is as much of a spiritual journey as it is a physical one. Manali offers numerous locations where one can get artworks on their body while enjoying the serenity and spirituality of the surrounding mountains.

Special in Get Tattooed in Old Manali: While there are several locations where one can get a tattoo in Manali, the most popular among them is the Voodoo Tattoo Studio. Its located at the first floor of Hotel Park View, The Mall, Manali.

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Himachal Pradesh, India
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2 hours

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