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Wawade Waterfall-Magical Waterfall in Nagaland

One of the most attractive tourist spots in eastern Nagaland is the majestic Wawade Waterfall. Its sparkling water cascades down from a height of 200 feet approx., between the villages of Mimi and Khonga. The greenery enveloping the waterfall further adds to its breathtaking beauty.

From Mimi, it takes an hour and a half to reach this place. There are three other waterfalls in the vicinity, each about a 100 feet high, that offers an enthralling sight to visitors.The Laluri village in Phek offers a ravishing view of this waterfall. The journey from Phek to Wawade Waterfall requires trekking for a few hours and is particularly enjoyable for all the adventurous souls out there. This region is soon becoming a hotspot for picnickers. Wawade Waterfalls await travellers waiting to be mesmerised by Nature and its wonders.

Special in Wawade Waterfall: The best time to witness it in all its glory is during the rainy season.

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Nagaland, India
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1.5 hours

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