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Leh Palace-History of Leh Kingdom

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Leh palace, colloquially known as ‘Lhachen Palkhar’, it once proudly sheltered the King of Leh Kingdom. It’s unique architecture was built in the 17th century and was the tallest structure of 17th century with 9 storey structure. You will be left in a dilemma whether to enjoy the view of this spectacular palace or to savor the captivating view of the beautiful Ladakh mountain range. You will be besieged by beauty like never before.

The Leh Palace being built of stones, mud, sand and wood vouchsafes a perfect ambience which keeps the interior part cool in summers and reasonably warm in winters. An enchanting statue of Lord Buddha is seen sitting in deep peace and imbibing the vibes of the travelers. You will be astounded at the wide balconies and the tower at the top which is dedicated to the Ladakhi martyrs. This edifice also boasts of sheltering paintings that are 450 years old. Some of those paintings were also painted by paints that were derived from powdered gems. Sitting peacefully on the Namgyal hill, and bearing the torch of rich Tibetan architecture, continues to win the hearts of travelers, till date.

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