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Shanti Stupa-The Panoramic View of Leh City

#Monument in Leh

Shanti Stupa, located on a hill-top, is an architectural beauty by itself. It is a strong symbol of ties between the inmates of Ladakh and that of Japan. It has been an inimitable torch bearer of peace since its genesis, 1991. This structure was built in commemoration of 2500 years of Buddhism. Sunrise and Sunset are believed to be the best views that can be had at Shanti Stupa.

If you are a fitness freak, you have a better option to reach the Shanti Stupa than the mostly practiced option of using a four wheeler or a bike to reach the Stupa. There are 500+ steps that take you directly to the Stupa. The deep breathing caused due to the climbing of steps, perfectly enables you to acclimatize to the changing atmospheric pressure. The tiring steady walk of 30-45 minutes will reward you with the best view of city. You can also find a meditation hall there and you’ll find lot of glee, if you are a fervent believer in spirituality.

Special in Shanti Stupa: A bird’s eye view from the location of Shanti Stupa is something no wise-traveler can afford to miss.

How is the weather at Shanti Stupa

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