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Kathakali Dance-An Exotic Dance Story

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An oldest and renowned theatre form in the world is the art of dance drama from Kerala. Kathakali, as it is called is of the story play genre giving life to epic characters of legends and folklore of the surreal world. The 300 year old dance form has the facets of ballet, opera and pantomime, showcases folk mythologies and legends.

The dance has excellent footwork coupled with impressive gestures of the face and hands and vibrant make up with costumes and facemasks. This art of storytelling can be seen at major temples in Kerala; a visual treat that you cannot afford to miss. Art lovers can quench their thirst with this wonderful blend of colour, music and expression, which is unparalleled in any other art form. This cultural heritage of Kerala is sure to leave you captivated and open mouthed with its dance and expressions.

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Kerala, India
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