Nehru Trophy Snake Boat Race
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Nehru Trophy Snake Boat Race

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A prestigious event conducted on the Punnamda Lake is the Nehru Trophy Snake Boat Race. It is the largest team sport in the world, attracting viewers from nook and corner of the world. Also known as Vallam Kali meaning a boat game, this snake boat race is conducted every August when the tranquil lake front turns into a fierce battle ground.

The festival is conducted in honour of Nehru ji when the placid waters are set on fire with the rhythmic and synchronised way of rowing along the lake. It is a frenzy of activities involving music and folk dance performances with rowers, drummers and chanters. The snake boats are an impressive sight; racing to the finishing line and bringing fame and glory to their village. Join in the water battle with the locals and get a taste of the Kerala sport.

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Kerala, India
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9.5003167°N, 76.3573261°E
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