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Jai Vilas Mahal

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Jai Vilas Palace was constructed by Maharaja Jayaji Rao Scindia in 1874 at a cost of Rs. 1 crore. It is a fine example of European architecture, designed and built by Sir Michael Filose. A combination of architectural styles, the first storey is Tuscan, the second Italian-Doric and the third Corinthian. The area of the Jai Vilas palace is 12,40,771 square feet and it is particularly famous for its large Durbar Hall. The interior of the Durbar Hall is decorated with gilt and gold furnishings and adorned with a huge carpet and gigantic chandeliers. It is 100 feet long, 50 feet wide and 41 feet in height.

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Madhya Pradesh, India
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2 hours
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26.2041520°N, 78.1683483°E
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