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Masala Dosa at Mysore

The Crisp of Mysore

Mysore food can be described as sugar, spice and everything nice. As the place is in South India, almost all dishes are rice preparations. Mysore has given a very unique flavour to the ordinary rice and lentil Indian tortillas. The famous Mysore Masala Dosa cannot be better anywhere else but in Mysore.

The flat round dosas are greased with tangy and tasty chutneys and are filled with smashed potatoes, onions and other spices. These dosas with amazing filling is very popular. The dosa has different versions in different states. The authentic Mysore masala Dosa is only available in Mysore. The aromatic melange in the dosa is coupled with hot Sambar and coconut chutney. It is stomach filling and sumptuous enough to satiate one's taste buds. Do not miss this street food if you're visiting Mysore.



Karnataka, India
Ideal to eat at  Lunch , Dinner  

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