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Bhimashankar is nestled in between the lush green hills of Pune. An abode to waterfalls, forests, a wildlife sanctuary and ancient temples offers a combination of both adventure and spiritualism. Bhimashankar as the name suggests is a holy place where devotees throng to get their wishes fulfilled. It is famous among the 12 Jyotirlings located in India. For people who long for adventure and thrill, Bhimashankar with its trekking destinations and panoramic view is the perfect choice. Moreover, filled with exotic wildlife this place is a treat to the eye for all nature lovers. The Bhimashankar wildlife sanctuary is where you can get to see “shekru”, the giant flying squirrel and a variety of other animals. Also, the Hanuman lake is a must add to your travel diary as this a perfect picnic spot where you can spend a quiet moment with your family.

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