Namdroling Monastery

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Namdroling Monastery-Into the Tibetan World

#Monastery in Coorg

Located amidst sandal groves in Coorg is the Namdroling Monastery. It takes credit as the largest teaching centre of Nyingmapa in India. The monastery has a peaceful ambience where a few minutes of prayer can rejuvenate the mind. It is the perfect destination for soul seekers.

Also known as the Golden Temple, it boasts of a golden idol of Buddha with Tibetan mythology paintings depicting the phases of Buddha’s life. You can get the feel of Tibet with the shopping stalls, clanging of bells and the sizzling aroma of momos. The monks and the daily prayers add oomph to the atmosphere. The various festivities and ceremonies attract tourists all round the year. Come enjoy a slice of Tibet in this monastery.

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